About Marianne Graff Digital 

Here's a little more about me...

Before starting digital marketing in 2020, I spent 16+ years working as a Librarian and international Teacher. 

My work as a Librarian involved using search engines, using complex databases and helping people find the information they needed and wanted on a daily basis. 

I know how to make effective website layouts and ads as a direct result of my Librarian.

 I also have specialized Digital Markeing Training through the James Hopkins Freedom Through Advertising Program, and have doubled, and sometimes tripled my clients' weekly numbers of new clients using a time tested strategy for connecting service business to more of their ideal clients in their local areas.

My International Teaching experience and years in various business and non-profit work has taught me about what works in business, and how to coach others and work in team settings.

Your wins are my wins!

Check out my 'Proof' and 'Testimonials' on the main page for evidence of what I say.

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