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Website Design Consulting
Personalized Ad Campaigns
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See the PROOF that my strategies work

PROOF: Couple Counselling Practice in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

BACKGROUND:Psychology practice with one Doctorate and 3 Psychologists with Master's Degrees in Counselling, all with a focus on couples counselling. 

 My client  wanted help getting to the next level, and with developing a long term marketing plan, to expand his business so that he can prepare to sell his practice and retire in 8 to 10 years. 

At the time I fist contracted to work with this client, Google had been slowly disapproving their ads due to the censorship of certain keywords related to chemical dependencies. The covid 19 lockdowns in 2020-2021 led to a decline in leads. The site had not been updated in more than 5 years and for many reasons it needed to be overhauled.

I advised on the re-design their website, provided content layout suggestions and template suggestions, helped draft content and procure images. 
They changed their name and re-branded. 

COPYWRITING: I wrote weekly newsletters, and crafted an email workshop series from an unpublished manuscript and articles my client had written, as well as  free pdf downloads  and quizzes and their scoring.

 WHAT HAPPENED: At the time I launched the first two ad campaigns for this client, there were 0 incoming leads each week due to previous ads being disapproved.

After launching the new campaigns, my client realized 47 new client bookings within the first 3 months. He had more than tripled his investment for these three months. For a total cost (ad budget plus service fee) of $14,350, my client realized  $47, 000.00 in Customer Lifetime Value revenue 

 That's a potential net revenue of 
$32, 650 in just three months.

LEAD STATS: The CTR rates for the campaigns I ran for this client averaged 9.52% per ad group which is much higher than the average for a good campaign (usually there is only a 1.7% CRR of click through rate). The CTR rates for the landing pages I created had CTR rates of between 20% and 30% (in comparison, Google reports a CTR for a landing page of between 3% and 5% is good; Wordstream reports that 11.45% CTR for a landing page is excellent).

Most significantly, the number of qualified leads (the number of people who clicked on the 'book an appointment' button or called and spoke to a receptionist for longer than 2 minutes after clicking on a Google Ad) were around 10% of the original number of clicks on all the ads in a month. 

And in the 4th month of running this campaign, at the time of writing this, my client has already been provided with more than 59 leads and more than 38 qualified leads, and it is only the 3rd week of the month. In the past, prior to the pandemic lockdowns, my client had only 20 qualified leads in his best month of business. (I counted a 'qualified lead' as a click on the 'book an appointment' button or a phone call lasting longer than 2 minutes after a click on a google ad) 


What my clients have said ...

"Marianne is an absolute joy to work with! 
Before Marianne, my lead generation had stalled and my revenue was flat. Then, I met Marianne! 

She’s professional, timely, and dedicated to helping her clients get the results they’re looking for. As Marianne walked me through my own process, we worked together as a team until I fully understood each step and could deliver the assets to her required for her to get me up and running online. 

She took a process that would have taken me minimum 12 months to learn (let alone implement!) and got me steady leads coming through in the first month! Honestly, she’s my secret weapon and is worth every dollar of investment I spend on her services. 

Lead generation is a necessary part of any thriving business that personally I don’t have the time or interest to learn. By handing this process to Marianne, I have confidence that the work is getting done, and getting done with integrity, passion and expertise." 
- Ally Mona


"Marianne has been a pleasure to work with. I am a newly incorporated entrepreneur who just officially entered the world of business after 6 years of ideas and playing small. I was feeling overwhelmed with how much I did not know after a less than successful launch. 

Marianne has taken the time to learn my business and help me get organized giving me the tools to create a map for success with a Business and Marketing plan. 

I highly recommend her for anyone needing some guidance in operating a business and strategies in marketing." 
Indigo MacDonald

"I told my husband at dinner how beautiful it was to connect with Marianne today; that she understood the intention and energy behind what I'm doing yet can make it align with actionable things I can do!  She has made me see how I can be my 5D self and still function in the 3D world without compromise.

In my 17 years of advertising NEVER have I seen a simpler or more effective website content creating and mapping strategy than Marianne worked me through today. 

Just shows how over-priced and over- complicated agencies like to make things! " 
- Shawna Robinson

How I get GREAT Results for my Clients

My focus is to you help your business attract more clients, close more sales and grow your business.

First we talk need to talk about your situation and goals, and  then I  will know which of my services might be a good fit for you, and we can  decide if it's a mutually beneficial relationship to start. 

If I can't help you, I will point you in the direction of excellent resources that I think will.

I  keep things simple, direct and efficient. 
I  choose my clients carefully, to make sure it's an excellent mutual fit. 

I am interested in helping get you GREAT results, not just good results, and in having long term business relationships with my chosen clients.

Your wins are my wins!

I offer dedicated  and exclusive services  to each of our clients, accepting only 1 Psychology Client per 100 km geographic area.

Text me or call me today to arrange a session to discuss.

  •  I  will connect you to new and repeating customers/clients in your geographic area
  •  I know insider tips for making ads and websites that meet your customers needs exactly, based on my 10+ as a digital librarian
  • ​I am an expert professional writer, and know how to add zing to make your newsletters, videos and posts memorable​
  • ​We are a team! I consider my clients as being in business partnership with me.  We set out clearly defined roles and responsibilities, and establish consistent and positive communication from the very beginning.
  • My campaigns are personalized nad flexible. They  will  be tweaked daily and weekly, not just once per month. 
  • If I don't know the solution to a problem, I will get an answer from one of the 700+ expert marketers in my professional group will! You are not just gaining from my personal expertise, but from the collective wisdom and experience of  my team (the James Hopkins Lifestyle Marketeers).
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