• Comprehensive Business Consulting and Marketing Planning Services
  • ​Efficient, proven-to-work QUALIFIED lead generation strategies
  • Website Development Consulting
  • ​'Pen for Hire' website content and copywriting services
Business and Marketing Planning Consulting
Different businesses have different needs. 

I listen carefully to your needs and where you're at with your business.

Then I work with you to create workflows and custom marketing strategies, based on your needs and budget, geared to meeting your potential client's needs. 

* Business plan creating and copywriting
* Market research
* Target market profiling

Lead Generation
Lead generation is the lifeblood 
of any small business. 

I have proven strategies to  get your ads and videos in front of the people who want to see them, and who are ready to book a session or buy from you (qualified leads), not just random people.

Website planning
  I have developed a process for making websites over the past 16 years that takes all the guesswork and stress out of re-vamping an old site, or making a new site from scratch.

My process is also quick and simple, and gives you the confidence to know your new site will meet yourcustomer's needs, 
and go forward either by making your site yourself using a template or proceed with talking to a web developer knowledgeably.

* Target Market Profiling Process
* Comprehensive website content planning process
* Mapping content to website layout process
* Usability Testing Services

Campaign Performance Tracking 

Find out how well each campaign is performing, from first click on an ad or link to final session booking or sale with my streamlined lead tracking system and reporting tools. 

I work with you over time to do more of what is working well, and less of what isn't, tweaking campaigns over time so that you are continually improving your results and expanding your reach.
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